Introdaction    日本語

Regina Altherr, born in Switzerland.She has been working in ceramics and glass in Japan since 1979.She was first introduced to the artistic world of Japanese ceramics throughthe Raku Style of creating bowls for the Japanese Tea Ceremony.
In 1984 she set up a studio in Shiga prefecture together with her husband, ceramic artist Shunichi Maekawa. She exhibits her work in Japan and in Switzerland.
Her interest focuses on vessels in a wide sense. It’s functional aspect as well as the sculptural expression have been of great importance in her work.
To her, it is a big challenge to find a balance between shape, texture and color.
While concentrating on the work with clay Regina Altherr found that exploring different mediums inspires and influences her main medium. Experiencing woodblock printing led to a new way of applying color in her clay work. In working with glass she enjoys the qualities clay does not have, like its transparency or the fact that carved motives cast shadows. She finds more freedom in playing with patterns and lines.
Since 2012 she works in Japan as well as  Switzerland in a new studio set up together with her husband Shunichi Maekawa , near Zuerich.